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Ryomen Sukuna, often just called Sukuna, is a formidable and central figure in the “Jujutsu Kaisen” narrative, standing as the archetypal King of Curses and a pivotal antagonist. Hailing from the Heian Era, a period renowned for its cultural zenith, Sukuna’s reputation as an Imaginary Demon cloaks his true nature as a sorcerer, one so powerful that he was dubbed the Disgraced One.

Throughout history, Sukuna was a challenge that even the most valiant sorcerers of the Golden Age could not surmount. After his death, he achieved an almost immortal status by splitting his essence across twenty fingers, each one indestructible and suffused with his malevolent might.

The resurgence of Sukuna came to pass in June 2018, when Yuji Itadori, in an act of desperation, consumed one of these cursed fingers. This act bound Sukuna’s fate with Yuji, with Sukuna lurking within, seldom seizing control until a pivotal soul transfer into Megumi Fushiguro.

Sukuna’s past form is depicted as demonic, a being of four arms and two faces, a stark contrast to the possessed bodies he later adopts. Initially, he borrowed Yuji Itadori’s visage, morphing it into something sinister with pink spiked hair and insidious tattoos tracing his face and torso. Now, ensconced within Megumi Fushiguro, he boasts a wild, sea-urchin-like halo of black spikes and similar markings, along with an additional set of eyes, suggesting a visage as chaotic as his nature.

His attire, a light-colored kimono edged in black, accompanied by a scarf and shoes of the same dark hue, belies the cruelty that festers within. Sukuna is characterized by his unbridled sadism and amorality, with a coldness that extends to derisive taunts towards his current host, Yuji, whom he mocks with merciless glee.

Sukuna’s power is immense, his confidence bordering on arrogance, and he is not shy about proclaiming his dominance. This, however, should not be mistaken for a lack of cunning. Sukuna possesses a sharp intellect and is a master manipulator, demonstrated when he forcefully negotiated a Binding Vow by ripping out Yuji’s heart.

Despite his brutality, Sukuna can recognize and even commend the strength of others, as seen with Jogo, whom he praised before his death. It is this complex blend of intellectual acuity, raw power, and a malicious nature that cements Sukuna as a fearsome and unforgettable force in the “Jujutsu Kaisen” universe.

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