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Yoriichi was a composed and deferential person who always wore a grave and restrained countenance, rarely displaying emotional outbursts. Yoriichi had a generally calm and placid demeanor, which was demonstrated by the fact that he killed demons without altering his countenance or that Muzan was taken aback by his incredible talent since he seemed humble. The only person who could read his feelings effortlessly was his wife Uta.[5] He was also incredibly humble, seeing himself as just another man and no one special despite his extraordinary abilities; an example of this is the time he performed the Sun Breathing’s forms for Suyako at her request and almost seemed embarrassed afterward.

Yoriichi is the most powerful Demon Slayer in history due to his birthright of the Demon Slayer Mark, access to the Transparent World, and Selfless State, as well as his supremely honed body and natural ability to use a sword. He was described as a remarkable genius beyond comparison after easily defeating a trained sword teacher at the age of seven despite never having held a sword before[6]. Yoriichi could beat many demons after becoming a Demon Slayer, to the point that his older brother said that he as a youngster couldn’t even compare to him as an adult.

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