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Character Info

Aizetsu, meaning “Sorrow,” is a slender yet muscular young adult male with a tall height, shoulder-length hair, and narrow deep blue eyes that bear the engraving of the kanji “Upper Rank” (上じょう弦げん Jōgen?) and “Four” (肆し Shi?). He has two curved horns prominently protruding from his forehead and cracked markings beneath his eyes. Furthermore, the kanji for “sorrow” is etched on his tongue. As a demon, Aizetsu has pointed ears and sharp nails on each finger, and he often wears a sad expression on his face.

Aizetsu typically wears a black kimono featuring white lines running through it and rope-like accessories tied around his shoulders, paired with hakama pants and zōri footwear. He carries a Jūmonji Yari (十じゅう文もん字じ鑓やり?) at all times. Aizetsu embodies Hantengu’s sorrow and is depicted as consistently despondent, bitter, and pessimistic, often describing everything as depressing. Compared to the other four manifestations, Aizetsu stands out as the most composed and collected, as he is seen analyzing his opponents and devising strategies to exploit their weaknesses rather than engaging in frivolous entertainment like Urogi and Karaku or becoming quickly agitated like Sekido. Aizetsu approaches challenges with a calm and rational mindset, taking the time to carefully consider his opponents’ abilities and weaknesses before attacking.

Aizetsu, being a demon, has the power to manipulate and modify his own flesh to a certain degree. He employs this ability to transform his flesh into a Jūmonji Yari.

As with all demons, Aizetsu possesses boundless stamina and endurance, which he demonstrated during his battle against Genya. Despite fighting for an extended period, he displayed no signs of exhaustion or weariness whatsoever. Additionally, Aizetsu was unfazed when Genya used a shotgun loaded with Nichirin steel shot to destroy his neck, even attacking without his head attached to his body.

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