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Genya had the ability to temporarily gain demonic attributes by consuming the live flesh of a demon, such as regeneration and physical strength. He gained these abilities by eating flesh from demons of different ranks, including Upper-Rank Four and Upper-Rank One, which enhanced his powers further. Additionally, he was able to merge his cells with his gun, giving it enhanced power and accuracy. To compensate for his lack of talent in using Breathing Styles, Genya learned the Repetitive Action technique from Gyomei Himejima, which involved repeating a set of words or phrases to help him focus on his tasks and block out pain. Despite sustaining severe injuries in battles, Genya was able to stay alive due to his enhanced demon abilities, but ultimately, he disintegrated into ash upon succumbing to his wounds.

Genya was able to develop his own Blood Demon Art during his battle against Upper Rank One, thanks to consuming the flesh of Zohakuten and Kokushibo. His Blood Demon Art was tailored to battle and do damage to other demons, similar to Nezuko’s.

One of Genya’s unique techniques was the Wooden Flesh Bullets, which he developed by merging his demon-transformed cells with his sun steel bullets and gun. This technique allowed him to manipulate the direction and velocity of the bullets, making them capable of easily moving around obstructions and burying themselves into the flesh of his targets. Once inside, the bullets could grow into a gigantic tree that would entangle and paralyze the target.

Genya’s second technique was the Blood Roots, which he used by embedding the Flesh Bullets into his target and having them take root inside the demon’s body, effectively preventing them from activating their own Blood Demon Art and draining their blood.

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