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Character Info

Thorfinn’s appearance remains consistent throughout the story, with bushy hair, old clothes, two knives, and an angry expression. He is also relatively short. However, as a child, he had a happier, round face with bright, curious eyes and well-kept hair, and he had a slight build that belied his strength. Despite his rugged appearance, he tries to avoid fighting with weapons and defends himself without causing any lasting harm, resulting in scars all over his body, mostly from blades. Notably, he loses the tip of his left ear when Ketil’s guest, Fox, attacks him with a sword in 1015, and gains a long scar across his right cheek in 1018 during a fight over Arnheid’s husband. He also loses more of his left ear when Garm slashes him with a spear in 1019, and gains a scar across the bridge of his nose and above his cheek in 1021 after returning from Greece. Before setting off to Vinland, he begins slicking his hair back, a style he continues to wear even at the age of 27 while in Vinland.

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