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Nezuko and Genya vs Hantengu Demon slayer S3EP4

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At first, Genya was a rude and short-tempered person who preferred to be alone and didn’t care about being polite or well-mannered. He even behaved roughly towards Kanata Ubuyashiki during Final Selection. His behavior was very similar to that of his older brother Sanemi. However, during the battle against Hantengu, he started working with Tanjiro, Mitsuri, and Nezuko and gradually became more cooperative and sociable towards them.

He felt insecure about his brother Sanemi’s lack of recognition towards him, which made him realize how weak he was compared to his companions. Despite this, he still did his best to help his allies, even if it resulted in him being badly injured. Despite Sanemi’s harsh treatment towards him, he held no grudges against his brother, which was strengthened by Tanjiro’s and eventually Sanemi’s own actions.

Genya’s appearance is intimidating, with a fierce expression in his slanted, violet-colored eyes and tiny furrowed eyebrows. He has messy black hair styled in a mullet that extends past his shoulders, with a distinctive mohawk buzz cut. He bears a jagged scar over his right cheekbone and visible veins bulging on his forehead, further adding to his tough look.

Before joining the Demon Slayer Corps, Genya was seen wearing a sleeveless purple yukata over a school uniform. However, after becoming a Demon Slayer, he switched to a dark olive-green version of the Demon Slayer outfit but still kept his old yukata. When he is later seen in the Butterfly House, he appears much wilder, having grown taller to approximately six feet and with thicker, longer hair styled in a mohawk shape that extends down his neck. It is also noted that he has developed more injuries and appears more muscular.

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