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Tanjiro Vs Hantengu (Urogi Joy) Demon slayer S3EP4

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Urogi, which means “Joy,” appears as a tall, well-built young man with long, wavy hair that falls past his shoulders. He has narrow, golden eyes that bear the kanji for “Upper Rank” and “Four,” and two curved horns on his forehead. He also has cracked markings beneath his eyes, and the kanji for “joy” is engraved on his tongue. As a demon, he has pointed ears and sharp nails on his fingers. Urogi typically wears a happy expression on his face, much like Karaku.

In contrast to Hantengu’s other human-like forms, Urogi has an avian physique, with two large wings on his back and raptor-like feet that have sharp talons instead of hands and legs. He dresses simply in hakama pants that are held up by a chain of large, round pearls and zōri footwear.

Being Hantengu’s embodiment of joy, Urogi is the most cheerful and exuberant of all the clones. Like Karaku, he appears to treat the entire fight with the Demon Slayers as a game or amusement. This is evidenced by his happy response to Tanjiro’s clever deduction that none of the four clones was the true body, and his constant declarations that the battle against Tanjiro was utterly delightful.

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