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Yuji embodies a sense of fairness and genuine concern for those he considers comrades or individuals with their own autonomy. This sentiment extends regardless of the depth or surface-level nature of his connections with them. He places great importance on the sanctity of life and holds a strong belief in ensuring that every being experiences a dignified passing. Consequently, Yuji deems it morally objectionable to take a human life and endeavors to avoid such an action unless absolutely necessary, reserving it as a last resort.

In addition to his empathetic nature, Yuji possesses an energetic and outgoing side. This is evident in his frequent lighthearted moments, where he can be seen alongside Nobara, expressing his enthusiasm for Tokyo and displaying eagerness in his training sessions with Gojo. Whether engaging with Junpei and his mother or pursuing specific objectives, Yuji demonstrates a high level of passion, often accompanied by a determined and unyielding demeanor, as exemplified when questioned by Yaga about his aspiration to become a sorcerer. While he may display some naivety due to his relative inexperience in the realm of cursed spirits and jujutsu sorcerers, Yuji’s aptitude for swift adaptation and rapid acquisition of cursed energy manipulation skills is evident.

Despite his typically composed and affable disposition, Yuji possesses a quick temper, particularly when confronted with unadulterated malevolence. This reaction is rooted in his firsthand exposure to the brutal and inhumane actions that curses, especially Mahito, are capable of. The depth of Yuji’s revulsion was so profound that it stirred within him a genuine inclination toward taking a life for the first time, channeling an intense yet laser-focused antipathy towards the cursed spirit.

A defining characteristic of Yuji is his willingness to make personal sacrifices for the well-being of others. This trait is deeply influenced by his grandfather’s final words, which urged him to meet his end surrounded by companions. In a pivotal moment of peril, when both he and Megumi faced imminent danger from a curse, Yuji acted impulsively, ingesting Sukuna’s finger to exorcise the threat and save them, despite having only just met Megumi earlier that day.

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