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A young man with below-average height is Gabimaru. He often wears his white, unruly hair to hide the right half of his face, has red eyes (yellow in the anime), and a somber demeanor. Under his robe, he can be seen to have a great amount of muscle and to have visible scars from his time in Iwagakure. Gabimaru’s look turned horrifying when Zhu Jin’s fusion with the Banko had an adverse effect on his physique. His hair began to grow flowers, and a big, black mark sprang from his left eye. He eventually lost some of these characteristics, leaving just a branch marking over his left eye and a few remnants of pink flower petals in his hair after stabilizing his Tao.

He is dressed in the traditional Iwagakure shinobi garb, which includes a black robe with tattered long sleeves, a black tattsuke bakama, and a frayed white ribbon knotted around his waist. When getting ready for fight, he also dons a turtleneck dickey that serves as a mask for the lower portion of his face. He has gaiters connected to his legs, ninja gauntlets, and sandals.

Ran slammed his palm down on Gabimaru’s shoulder when invading Hrai, tearing the left side of his robe, which was subsequently repaired using Flower Tao. Later, he changes into a new robe taken from a dead Iwagakure shinobi.

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