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Toji Fushiguro

Standing tall with a well-defined physique, Toji’s appearance is distinctive with his jet-black hair, piercing green eyes reminiscent of his son, and a noticeable scar adorning his right lip. Whether in battle gear, comprising a snug short-sleeved shirt and tan training pants, or in his laid-back attire, Toji’s presence is hard to ignore.

At his core, Toji embodies a balance of cold calculation and deep-seated emotions. His conversations, especially with the likes of the sardonic Satoru Gojo, are filled with sharp wit and profound insight. In the heat of battle, Toji’s demeanor switches to one of sheer focus, often lost in the exhilaration of combat. Yet, beneath this fierce exterior lies a strategist, using his extensive knowledge of jujutsu to outmaneuver even the most esteemed sorcerers.

Having been an assassin for hire, Toji’s allegiance was always to the highest bidder. However, a glimpse into his personal life reveals a man shaped by circumstances. Born without the coveted cursed energy, his detachment from the Zenin family led him to the world of sorcery and assassinations. Yet, a brief period of redemption came in the form of a loving wife, whose influence momentarily swayed him from his dark path. But her untimely death plunged Toji back into his old ways, even going to the extent of selling his son, Megumi, for the potential he saw in him.

A twist in the tale sees Toji resurrected, only to be a weapon of destruction. But even in this uncontrollable state, his innate paternal instincts shine through. Choosing to end his life rather than harm his son, Toji’s sacrifice is a testament to the love he harbored deep within. His last words, expressing happiness over Megumi’s choice of surname, encapsulates the complex relationship between a father and son, shaped by the cruel world of Jujutsu Kaisen.

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