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Genya And Sanemi

The character Sanemi Shinazugawa is the older brother and only surviving sibling of Genya. They initially worked well together to assist their mother, but their relationship deteriorated after a demon attack that killed the rest of their family. Genya accused Sanemi of being a murderer, causing their relationship to worsen until they went their separate ways. However, during a battle with Kokushibo, it is revealed that Sanemi still cares deeply for his brother and wants him to live a normal life without the threat of demons. Genya apologizes for his past behavior and thanks Sanemi for protecting him before dying from his injuries. Tanjiro Kamado first interacted with Genya when he stopped him from mistreating Kanata Ubuyashiki. Although Genya initially found Tanjiro annoying, they eventually became friends and Tanjiro even tried to mend Genya’s relationship with Sanemi. Gyomei Himejima took Genya in as a stepson after rescuing him from going out of control after eating a demon. Inosuke Hashibira and Genya do not interact often, but they have fought before due to Inosuke mocking Genya for not being able to perform any breathing styles. During his debut at the Final Selection, Genya was a young man with short stature and inward-slanting eyes. His eyebrows were constantly furrowed, giving him a permanently angry appearance. He had a buzz cut with a small clump of messy black hair on the top of his head and a large, jagged scar running over his right cheekbone from his ear to nose. Genya wore a purple, sleeveless yukata over a plain black shirt with long sleeves. Later on, he grew almost six feet tall, became more muscular, gained many more scars, and had a feral appearance when seen again at the Butterfly Mansion. His hair was longer and styled in a mohawk with strands visible around his neck. He wore a dark olive-green version of the Demon Slayer uniform over his old purple yukata.

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