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Character Info

In his new life with Ai, Aqua was initially bewildered by the situation, but he found joy in being treated as her child. Although his quick-wittedness and advanced conversational skills as a child disturbed some people, they also proved beneficial when award-winning director Taishi Gotanda praised him for his talkativeness. These skills remained valuable to Aqua throughout his childhood and into the present day. Additionally, he lived a privileged life due to his mother’s fame as an idol, enjoying luxurious living and attending her performances. Unfortunately, his good fortune came to an abrupt end when a crazed fan of Ai committed a horrific act against his family.

This event had a profound impact on Aqua, causing him to vow to do everything in his power to find those responsible for the tragedy. Despite many years passing, he remained steadfast in his pursuit of justice, unlike his sister. His actions were driven by this intense desire for revenge, and he was willing to take any steps necessary to uncover the truth, even if it meant committing questionable acts.

The main character of the manga series Oshi no Ko is Aquamarine Hoshino, also known as Aqua. Prior to his current life, he went by the name Gorou Amamiya and worked as a medical doctor. However, after treating a patient named Sarina Tendoji who was obsessed with idols, particularly Ai Hoshino of the now-defunct group B-Komachi, he too became fixated on idols. Aqua and his twin sister Ruby Hoshino, who was previously Sarina, were reincarnated into their current lives as children of Ai Hoshino.

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